Thursday, 9 June 2016

China Wholesale Tires

The tire industry in China took a while to get going, and they were late bloomers in the industry. However, once it got going the tire industry has grown to massive heights. China is now the leading manufacturer and exporter of tires in the world.
The growth is largely due to the rapid increase in the automobile industry, which meant major international automobile companies started to invest a lot of money into China ventures. The growth in automobile manufacturing and exporting naturally lead to rapid development of the tire industry.
In 2005 alone, China exported 318 million tires to countries around the world – a 28.3% increase from the previous year. Since then the tire industry has continued to grow – as has the demand for China wholesalers who specialize in exporting tires.
Out of the top 75 tire manufacturers in the world, 18 were based in China – accounting for 24 percent of the output. Some of the best known tire companies with factories in China include: Bridgestone, Goodyear, Michelin and Yokohama. Michelin alone accounts for 30 percent of the world’s replacement tire exports.

Types of China Wholesale Tires
China can currently produce over 2000 types of tire varieties across five main categories – sedan tires, heavy-duty tires, agricultural tires, engineering machine tires and industrial vehicle tires.
China wholesalers can offer practically every imaginable type of tire you could need and they keep up-to-date with current changes in tire requirements.

Pros and Cons of China Wholesale Tires
There are both pros and cons to buying your tires from a China wholesaler – although generally the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.
Over the past decade or so, the quality of China wholesale tires has increased immensely. Previously there were issues regarding the safety and quality of the tires produced in China, however nowadays factories are much more advanced and China wholesalers understand the differing standards of different countries.
As China became a base for many foreign automobile companies, it became increasingly important for them to increase the quality of their tires to ensure their reputation stayed intact. The China wholesalers that are associated with multinational tire companies generally offer very high quality and safe tires to their customers. However, the quality of domestic-owned tire companies is considered to be considerably lower.
The main benefit to buying tires from a China wholesaler is the cost. China offers tires at a much lower price than most other countries can afford to – due to the cheap labor and raw material costs.
Shipping costs can be a big issue when it comes to buying tires from China wholesalers. They are very heavy items and can be expensive to ship. However, China wholesalers have very good shipping links with countries such as the USA and Europe and shipping can be a lot cheaper than from less-connected countries such as Vietnam and Japan. The amount you will save by buying your tires from a China wholesaler will generally outweigh the shipping costs.

Where to Find China Wholesale Tires
China wholesale tires are easy to get hold of. There are regular tradeshows around the world that major China wholesalers attend, giving you the opportunity to meet with them in person and view the tires they offer without having to travel to China.
If you are after a particular brand of tire then head to the top and speak to your local head office for that brand and ask for a distributor list. They may only give this to you if you are a registered business. You can then contact the China wholesalers on that list to get hold of the tires.
Finally, make use of the internet. The internet is a fantastic resource for finding China wholesalers and you can even make and manage purchases online in the comfort of your own home.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

China Wholesale Tools

China has a very strong tool industry that is expected to see even more growth over the next few years. The main advantage China wholesaler have over foreign counterparts is the low prices they can offer. However, with the rising cost of materials and labor it is becoming increasingly hard for China wholesalers to keep their prices that low.
Despite that, China’s tool industry is booming and there are very few countries that can compete with the price and quality of the products they sell.
A large number of the tools we buy in retail stores and use at work have originated from a China wholesaler.

Many of the world’s leading tool companies have factories and distributors based in China. Additionally, many large home and department stores source their tools from China wholesalers. For example, Sears, Home Depot, Aldi and Task are some of the biggest customers for tools from China wholesalers.
Types of China Wholesale Tools
China produces a wide variety of tools that can be bought from China wholesalers. Whether it’s heavy machinery, garden tools or hand tools for use around the home – they can be bought from a China wholesaler.

How to Profit from China Wholesale Tools
Buying China wholesale tools can be a good way to make profit as a business. Many people run online stores selling power tools and hand tools and they source their products from a China wholesaler.
Tools can be very expensive to ship, as they are typically quite heavy. It is often not cost efficient for you to import tools from China if you are selling them online – as you will also need storage space. Many China wholesalers offer a drop shipping option, which means that you don’t need to store the tools – instead, when a customer places an order with you the wholesaler will ship the tools directly to them.
If you run a retail store and are sourcing your tools from a local wholesaler, then you may want to look at getting them from a China wholesaler. China wholesalers typically offer considerably lower priced tools – which in turn will maximize your profit margin. If you buy in bulk you can save even more.

Do I need to buy in Bulk to get China Wholesale Tools?
No, you don’t need to buy in bulk to get China wholesale tools. The minimum quantities vary between wholesalers – some with no minimum quantities and others with much higher quantities.
Generally, the more tools you buy in one lot the cheaper they are per item. However, you can still buy in small quantities and get a lower price than buying for retail price locally.
Online auctions are a good place to find wholesale tools from China if you don’t want to buy in bulk. Often the China wholesaler will put up surplus stock online giving you the opportunity to get a bargain.

Safety Precautions for China Wholesale Tools
Yours and your customers’ safety should always come first – so doing the necessary health and safety checks on any potential wholesale tool purchases is essential. The legal safety standards in China are lower than those in the USA. If you import a huge quantity of tools from a China wholesaler that do not meet these standards, then it will be illegal (and unsafe) for you to resell them – costing you a lot of money in the process.
Most major China wholesalers now ensure all of their products meet international safety standards, but always ask for a sample product before buying in bulk and have it checked by a registered electrician.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

China Wholesale Diamond Rings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend – and it is this sentiment that has meant the diamond industry is one of the most stable and important in the world. Topping the list of diamond uses are diamond rings. Diamond rings are an extravagant purchase, which is why many people try to buy them from China wholesalers – particularly if you are looking to resell at a profit. In this guide we shall look in more detail at buying China wholesale diamond rings.

Background of China's Diamond Industry
When people think of the diamond industry they rarely think of China as a leader. However, you’ll be surprised at how strong the diamond industry is in China. In fact, while many countries in the world are seeing a decline in diamond sales, China has seen a 29.9 percent rise in the sale of diamonds since the beginning of 2010.
The diamond industry in China is relatively new and has only recently become a world player in the diamond game. In 2008 alone the Shanghai Diamond Exchange reported 1.31 billion USD of transactions both domestically and internationally.
While diamond rings are not a traditionally popular item in Chinese culture, China is making the most of the desire for them overseas. China is probably best known for its manufacturing industries and its ability to produce quality products at unbeatably low prices. In recent years it has become increasingly common for retailers and individuals to source their diamond rings from China wholesalers.

Why Buy Wholesale Diamond Rings from China
What are the benefits of buying wholesale diamond rings from China? The main reason people choose to purchase their diamond rings from China wholesalers is the cost. China offers fantastic value for money on all of the items they produce – including diamond rings.
Cheap labor, world-class factories and readily available natural resources has meant that China wholesale diamond rings can be produced at the fraction of the cost that they can be made in countries such as the USA. These savings are then passed onto their customers.
Many people are worried about the quality of purchasing diamond rings from China wholesalers, and rightly so. Diamond rings are a luxury item and you wouldn’t want to spend money on products that aren’t of the best quality. Generally, China wholesalers provide great quality items. However, if you plan on buying large quantities you should always ask for a sample product to check the quality before buying lots. At the very least you should make sure that the China wholesaler offers a rock-solid returns policy in case you don’t receive exactly what you expected.

How to Profit from China Wholesale Diamond Rings
The great thing about the low cost of China wholesale diamond rings is that they give you a huge potential to make large profits. Diamond rings can sell for a lot of money, so the cheaper you can buy them the more money you can make.
Generally, the more you can buy in one go the cheaper they become. China wholesalers can offer such great value diamond rings because they sell in bulk. The cheaper you can buy the diamond rings for the larger your profit margin.
The best way to profit from China wholesale diamond rings is by opening up an e-store or selling through an online auction site. Millions of people around the world now shop online as they know that’s the best place to find a bargain. Additionally you have very minimal overheads so you can simply reap the rewards.
There are hundreds of China wholesalers that stock diamond rings online – so do some research and find a trustworthy online wholesaler to buy from. Make sure that they are registered with the BIC and offer a secure payment method.