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China Wholesale Fashion Shoes, Cheap Brand Shoes, Designer Shoes

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Men, women and children all need to own shoes – and some own more than others! Whether it’s practical shoes or simply stylish shoes – everybody loves a good pair. A huge amount of the shoes we buy have originated from a China wholesaler. We shall discuss China wholesale shoes in more detail in today's guide.

China Wholesale Shoe Industry
The shoe and footwear industry in China is the largest in the world – with many of the shoes we wear each day originating from a China wholesaler.
There are over 40,000 shoe manufacturers across China, accounting for 20 percent of the world's total output of shoes. The majority of China wholesalers that specialize in shoes are located in the China Putian in the south of the country. In January and February 2008 alone, China wholesalers in the China exported 490 million pairs of shoes.
While there has been a slight decline in the China wholesale shoe industry in recent years –due to competition from neighboring countries such as Vietnam and India – China still stays on top due to its access to much better infrastructure and cheap power and water supply than its competitors.

Quality of China Wholesale Shoes
The quality of China wholesale shoes varies considerably across suppliers. However, the majority of the shoes produced is of low to medium-quality and are produced and sold at a very low cost.
However, an increasing amount of China wholesalers are offering much better quality shoes to appeal to a wider market. The quality of Chinese factories has also seen significant improvements over recent years – with many international businesses investing a lot of money into them. This has improved the quality of China wholesale shoes overall.

China Wholesale Shoes for Dropshipping
One of the great things that many China wholesalers offer their customers is dropshipping. If you are running an online business then this is the most cost-effective way for you to sell your products.
Dropshipping means that when a customer purchases a pair of shoes you have advertised in your store, you send the order to your China wholesaler who then ships the shoes directly to the customer. This eliminates the need for double-shipping and storage space – saving you a lot of time and money.
Some China wholesalers charge a fee for this service (the fee varies, but is usually quite small), however there are plenty that offer it for free – particularly if you are buying in large quantities.

Tips for Buying China Wholesale Shoes
No matter what you are buying wholesale from China you need to consider a few tips. Always research any potential China wholesalers prior to making a purchase – as there are many scammers out there.
Ensuring that any payment methods they offer are secure and traceable is a major step to keeping your money safe. Never pay for wholesale shoes using Western Union or similar payment methods.
In some countries you will need a license to be able to import wholesale shoes from China, and also another license to resell them for a profit. While the U.S. doesn’t require these licenses, it is recommended that you have a customs broker who can handle the customs clearance of your shoes once they arrive in the country.
If you feel uneasy making large purchases over the internet, then keep an eye out for wholesale trade shows that are coming up in your local area. Many representatives from legitimate and well-respected China shoe wholesalers visit trade shows around the world to give you the opportunity to meet with them in person and see their products up close before laying down any cash.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

China Wholesale Scarves

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Scarves an essential wardrobe item for the winter months – and also as a stylish winter accessory. There are all sorts of types of scarves that are popular around the world – and they come in a range of fabrics and colors. Millions of shops around the world source their scarves from China wholesalers.

Scarves from China Wholesalers
Scarves are a very popular item to buy from China wholesalers. China’s textile and fabric industry is the largest in the world – and they are the largest producer of cotton and silk scarves in particular.
Silk scarves are a wonderful product to own, and they are very much in demand around the world. Silk was actually first invented in China many hundreds of years ago and it has now become one of their specialties.
However, silk scarves aren’t the only kind that you can buy from China wholesalers. Over the past couple of decades, manufacturing has grown to huge proportions in China and now there is literally nothing you can’t buy from a China wholesaler.
China wholesalers cater to individuals and businesses all around the world and so have a massive variety of scarves available to buy – both to suit local and global fashions.
Many China wholesalers also offer you the option to have your scarves custom made to your specifications. This can ensure that you have a unique product for sale in your store.

Where to Sell China Wholesale Scarves
If you decide to buy China wholesale scarves, there are several places you can sell them. The internet opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to selling wholesale scarves. You can either have your own website store that sells scarves and other items, or set up a store on an online auction website.
Or you can take the ‘old-fashioned’ approach and sell scarves at a market stall or flea market, or even in your own retail store. There are plenty of possibilities to make a profit from China wholesale scarves.

Cost of China Wholesale Scarves
One of the main reasons why retailers choose to buy their scarves from China wholesalers is the low cost. Due to mass production and low manufacturing costs, China wholesalers can offer their scarves at competitive prices that are much lower than almost every other manufacturing country.
While you may find that scarves can be over $100 to buy in the stores, chances are you can find them for just a few dollars (or less) from a China wholesaler.
If you can afford to do so, then buy your China wholesale scarves in bulk. Typically, the more you buy the cheaper they become per unit. If you choose to have your scarves custom made, then obviously this will cost a little bit more. The initial costs of designing and samples are the priciest elements – but if you want large quantities of them then the initial costs will seem insignificant.
A cheaper alternative to custom-made scarves is to have your own store label attached or embroidered to them so add an element of personalization without paying for custom-made.

How Much does Shipping Cost for China Wholesale Scarves?
Many people are put off buying their scarves from China wholesalers because they think the postage costs will be very high. In fact, shipping costs are typically very reasonable from China. Plus, the amount you will save on the actual scarves compared to a local wholesaler will far outweigh the postage costs.
China has direct shipping links with the USA and the rest of the world, meaning that shipping costs can be kept to a minimum. Many China wholesalers will also offer you free or discounted shipping rates if you buy large quantities.

Monday, 1 May 2017

China Wholesale Sunglasses Cheap Fashion Brand Glasses

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Sunglasses are one of the most widely sold accessories in the world and they come in a huge range of styles and sizes. The majority of the sunglasses we find in stores have originated from a China wholesaler – as China is the world’s largest exporter of sunglasses. In today’s guide we shall look at why China wholesalers are the ideal first destination for those looking for wholesale sunglasses.

Sunglasses Industry in China
The sunglass industry in China is massive. There are five main production bases – Putian,Zhejiang, Guangdong, Xiamen, Danyang and Shanghai. These cities are also where the majority of China wholesalers are located.
Xiamen City accounts for approximately one third of China wholesale sunglasses – and in 2008 alone they exported over 35 billion worth of sunglasses to countries around the world.
There are all types of sunglasses produced in China and on average each sunglass manufacturer produces 300 new style releases each year. The larger China wholesalers bring out over 1,000 new styles every year.
China wholesalers are also starting to make much higher-quality and more elaborate sunglass styles. Titanium frames and polarized lenses are becoming increasingly popular as well as power-magnification lenses and curved frames.
Not all China wholesalers manufacture the actual lenses for the sunglasses they sell – instead finding it cheaper to get these components from an optical supplier. An increasing amount are starting to create lenses in-house though.

Fake China Wholesale Sunglasses
In the past couple of decades the competitiveness of the China wholesale sunglasses industry has intensified and has lead to an increase in the manufacture of ‘fake’ designer sunglasses.
The desire for Westerners to have the latest designer sunglasses has also driven this increase. Many fake China wholesale sunglasses are almost identical to the real ones – so it can be very hard to tell them apart.
However, you need to be careful when buying branded sunglasses from your China wholesaler, as it is illegal to import and sell fake sunglasses. You and your business could face heavy fines.
If you are unsure if your China wholesaler is selling real or fake sunglasses, always contact the head office of the brand and ask for a distributor list. They are always happy to know whether a company is selling fake copies of their products.

Safety Precautions for China Wholesale Sunglasses
Sunglasses sold in the USA (as well as many other countries) must adhere to strict safety regulations. There is a minimum UV protection rating that they must have, in many cases this is UV400.
While most China wholesalers now produce all of their sunglasses to international export standards, there are many that try to cut costs by producing fake UV lenses.
The type of material that the sunglasses are made from is also important – make sure that they meet the safety standards in your country before making a purchase.

How Much Cheaper are China Wholesale Sunglasses Compared to a Local Wholesaler?
So why do people import sunglasses from a China wholesaler when it is so far away? The answer is that the cost is significantly lower than buying locally.
China has access to a huge amount of natural resources, including oil to make plastic and cheap labor. This means that production costs are kept to a minimum and these savings can be passed on to the customer.
Shipping costs from China can also sometimes be cheaper than postage across the USA – despite it taking a little longer on occasion.
If you really want to benefit from the low cost of China wholesalers then you should buy in bulk. Generally the more sunglasses you buy the lower the cost per unit.